Being a good lawyer isn’t enough to set you apart in the ever-changing legal services industry; you also need to be visible and well-known.

When it comes to legal marketing, “Law Firm Marketing Bible: Revenue Boosting Secrets” is your one-stop resource. Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a partner in a large firm, this book will help you build a practice that lasts.


In these pages, you'll find a trove of effective tactics, gleaned from the author's many years of experience in the field, that you can immediately put to use in your advertising campaign. Everything you need to know, from the finer points of digital advertising to networking, is laid out in this guide. You will unlock the secrets of converting leads into loyal clients, learn how to exploit social media to its maximum potential, and discover how to harness the power of branding to develop a permanent presence in the market.

As you engage on this path, you'll have access to concrete guidance, helpful hints, and actual case studies that are specific to the issues law firms confront when it comes to marketing. This is not a textbook; rather, it is a practical guide that will help you increase profits, broaden your client base, and cement your place as an industry leader.